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Our identity

Who are we?

Ousia is a student-run review, named after the ancient Greek term ουσία, which means essence or substance. It best encapsulates our endeavour, as we are trying to investigate the roots of current affairs by approaching them through a legal prism.


Our approach

What do we do?

Our opinion pieces explore issues in various jurisdictions and areas of law with the aim of engaging with their institutional, statutory and constitutional aspect. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that legal means are often inadequate to interpret certain phenomena or to resolve certain challenges, and that is why we also draw on adjacent fields of human thought, such as history, politics, philosophy and economics.


Our focus

How do we work?

The legal dimension is often either excluded from public discourse or considered a technical matter for the few initiated ones. As such, our main goal is to reach a golden mean between rigid academic legal analysis, which often seems unaccessible and obscure, and ordinary digestible journalism, where the danger of superficiality lurks.

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our team

We are an international team based at the London School of Economics.  

Vasiliki Poula
Vasiliki studies law at the LSE and is interested in the interaction between EU law and political theory, with particular emphasis on integration, democracy and citizen participation. She conducts research for the South-Eastern European Studies centre at Oxford, the Freedom of Expression Initiative at Columbia and the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy.
Carson Woo
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Carson’s upbringing has exposed him to a multitude of cultural influences, both western and oriental, which were consequently translated into diverse interests in the realms of American, British and Chinese politics and history. Recent political turmoil both at home and abroad has enkindled Carson’s contemplations on systems of government, socio-political rights, and the merits or demerits of democracy.
Maria Apostolidou
Senior Editor - Commercial Law
Maria is a trainee advocate, expected to become a Greek licensed barrister in spring ’21. She completed her LLB at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (with an Erasmus+ year at the Université Libre de Bruxelles), and continued her LLM in International Commercial Law at the University of Strathclyde. She is interested in commercial law, with an emphasis on e-commerce, intellectual property, international business law, and EU legislation affairs.
Yuyang Cao
Senior Editor - Legal History & Sports
Yuyang is a third-year law student at the London School of Economics. She is interested in legal history, as well as in the intersection of law, business / corporate social responsibility and public policy. Alongside the law, she is passionate about foreign affairs, sports business, and ideas for building a more equal and sustainable world, something that she has sought to do through her pro bono work at the Disability Law Service regarding housing benefits.
Cion Choi
Senior Editor - Business & Finance
Cion is a law student at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is interested in the impact and effectiveness of laws that govern the business and finance sector, especially the extent to which governments should interfere in facilitating or regulating the free market economy. Her aspirations to become a commercial solicitor not only invokes her to learn the practicalities of law, but also evaluate and understand how the law should be.
Katerina Pampouki
Senior Editor - Family Law & Conflict of Laws
Katerina is a second-year law student at the London School of Economics. She is particularly passionate about family law and conflict of laws issues, eager to introduce a normative perspective in both areas through critical analysis. Recent statutory and case law developments have motivated Katerina to further reflect and contemplate upon the interaction between law and society.
Eponine Howarth
Senior Editor - European Affairs & EU Governance
Eponine is currently studying for an LLB at the London School of Economics having already completed a BSc in Politics and International Relations. She is also a Research Assistant at the Electoral Psychology Observatory. She has previous experience conducting research for Professor S. Hix and the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation.
Marialena Georgiou
Senior Editor - Business & Finance
Marialena has completed her LLB and will continue as an LLM student at the London School of Economics, while pursuing a career in commercial law. She is particularly interested in exploring the interaction between business and human rights, focusing on how the current legal landscape incentivises businesses to address human rights issues. She currently volunteers at a Community Legal Centre, working on employment, housing and immigration matters.